Monday, January 10, 2011

Time Keeps on Slippin' Into the Future

So far in the past week and a half my girls decided to speed up their growing and milestones.  Sonya has lost her second tooth, Lana is about thisclose to completely giving up her naps (somebody save me!) and little Georgia is potty trained.  She picked it up pretty quickly actually.  Her being potty trained is probably the best and the worst of all of this.  

On the one hand I don't have to buy or wash another diaper EVER AGAIN!  It's so exciting.  However, it means she really isn't a baby anymore.  At least when they're still in diapers you can kinda pretend they're still in the baby phase.  Nope.  All done.  All these things together have made feel nostalgic for having a baby.  I do miss those first couple years of their development.  As  difficult as it is, it is also fun and rewarding.  But we don't want another baby.  I mean we can't really afford it for the most part.  I suppose if we were rich I'd have another one, because then I'd have a much bigger house, a full time maid and a part time nanny.  Things being as they are though, it's just not a good idea.  The good news is one of my very best friends, Melissa, is due with her first baby any day now.  This will be perfect for me.  I get to hold a tiny baby again and get that new baby smell, without all the sleepless nights and sore boobs!  It'll be good for Melissa too, because she gets someone who wants to help with the baby who also has an awesome baby resume.  

 Even though I'm sad to be out of the baby era, it does bring on a new freedom having kids who are more self sufficient, which is fun.  No more diapers, only one nap to really worry about, and sippy cups starting to make an exit.  Although, if they keep spilling at the dinner table the way they do, I may enforce sippy cups until high school.  At this rate we may actually be able to take a real vacation sometime in the next couple of years!  So, from now on whenever I get that "I'm sad I don't have a baby anymore" feeling, I'll just head to Melissa's, where I can get a dose of screaming infant reality and remember why it's good to be past that stage.  


Stephanie said...

Aww this is sooo where I am at with my 6 year old as well, only hes a HE ;) an emotional HE at that, funny how he can be all boy (dirt, cars, video games, transformers) but hes the biggest scaredy cat (besides myself) that i know!! He a little different though he'll watch the scary things and wont tell us he's scared until its bed time. We had to stay up until 2 am the other night because he couldn't fall asleep because he thought alligators were going to get into our house and eat us... partly my fault because he saw 2min of CSI Miami before I heard him standing behind me BUT he was suppose to be in bed... :) I was the same way though and @ 6years old E.T. was the scariest movie EVER!!

Kristi said...

Oh I so agree with you! The end of E.T. where all the people are in the big CDC space type suites FREAKED ME OUT! I know this is why my girls are this way. Oh well!!