Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Nothing Past Her

Every Tuesday I take Georgia to a Mommy and Me class through the Adult school down the street.  It's a great class and we both look forward to going every week.  Last Tuesday was our first time back since the holidays.  We were outside playing with the other kids when someone pointed out the there was a mini hot air balloon experiment.  It was going on in the middle school field next to where the adult school is.  They were sending the balloon up in the air where it would hang out for a few minutes and then it would come back down again.  Most of the class was outside watching along with our kids.  At one point when it was up in the sky, I pointed it out to Georgia hyping it up.  

"Look at the balloon Georgia!  Do you see it?" I said pointing toward it.

She shook her head yes, seemingly unimpressed.  I was still trying to pump it up and make it exciting.  

"Look GG!  SEE IT!  Say hi balloon!  HI!" I said waving furiously up in the sky.

Then she turned and looked at me with all seriousness that her two year old little face could hold and said,

"Mommy. (and this is where  I swear she  could have rolled her eyes and sighed) Balloons don't talk."

Alrighty then!  Yup, I got schooled by my two year old.  Nice.

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