Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Next Character in the "Twilight" Series

There is one particular behavioral problem I have not had to deal with amongst my girls. One that my sister and some friends have gone through with their kids, but not me! Nope! My girls did not go through THAT phase. Until now. Turns out that Georgia may have a little vampire in her.

The biting is something that has gotten increasingly worse in the past two weeks. I believe it's because she discovered that she can get a MAJOR reaction from her sisters when she does it. When they are fighting or she is not getting what she wants, she whips out the fangs and takes a chunk out of an arm, or shoulder, sometimes the back. When it happens I usually give her a time out and console the victim. I try to give more attention to the victim, because I have read this is what you are supposed to do, but so far she doesn't really seem to care. In fact she has a damn cute little smile on her face after she does it, and it's all I can do to keep from laughing at her. The worst is when she does it in public where I don't have much recourse, like today in Costco.

We were about halfway through our trip when she and Lana started going at it. Those shopping carts with the seats side by side seem like such a good idea at the time. Then your kids try to kill each other. Why is there no partition between the two seats? Or at least one you can put up and down like in a limo. That would work so well! Who wants to get on this idea? Anyone?

Anyway, they were hitting each other back and forth and it was starting to escalate. I eventually put a stop to it, by pulling Lana out and letting her walk. After they both settled down I decided Lana should get back in, since it was easier to keep track of her in the cart. She wasn't back in 30 seconds when she started to wail. I turned back to see what had happened just in time for Georgia to sit up and away from Lana's back. Lana was crying loudly and claiming Georgia bit her on her back. I lifted up her shirt to see a small red mark right above her shoulder blade. I know it was one of those bites that hurts like a bitch, because she only bit a tiny piece of skin. I scolded Georgia and took away her snack, there wasn't too much else I could to do her at that point. She did her little smile at me. Then I ignored her and consoled Lana for about five minutes. She decided to get back out of the cart afraid Vampira would bite her again. I allowed this, since I really couldn't blame her for not trusting her sister.

After a few minutes I explained to Georgia AGAIN, that it was not nice to bite and how badly she hurt her sister. I even showed her the mark. This seemed to register a little more and she apologized to Lana. Lana however, was in no mood to accept this apology and refused to talk to GG. Georgia was upset and kept whining to me,

"Yana won tawk to me."

"Sorry, Georgia." I told her. "You bit her and that hurt so now she's mad at you."

She pouted about this for a few minutes. Then as we were walking toward the front to checkout, an older woman passed us. She looked at Georgia and exclaimed,

"What a pretty little girl you are!"

Georgia turned around, looked at her and said,

"I bite Yana."

This made both the woman and me laugh, although I'm not so sure she knew what Georgia was saying. I did and it seemed to me that she was starting to figure out biting isn't a nice thing to do. I THINK she is starting to figure it out anyway. I mean, she did tell on herself.

I have no idea how long this phase will last, but everyone I know who has run into this problem has told me it is something they just grow out of. My youngest sister, Megan, went through it for a time and I'll never forget the time she bit me on the shoulder. Hard. I think she was a little bit younger than Georgia is now. I know SHE eventually grew out of it, I'm just not sure when, although I don't recall her biting me in our teen years. So until then I guess we'll all just have to carry around holy water and wear garlic around our neck. After seeing what Georgia did to Lana today, I'm not taking any chances of her getting her fangs into me.

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