Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgetting Our Manners

I plan on writing a longer story tomorrow, once my in-laws leave and I have more time, but for now let me tell this little one.

On our first day traveling to San Francisco from our hotel we all piled in the car. I programmed the Garmin, Andy started the engine, and Robert and Julia were busy buckling the girls in their seats. Somewhere during all this, Lana sneezed. Since we were all preoccupied with something else, nobody said anything. After about 30 seconds without a response to her sneeze Lana yelled,


We all responded immediately with a chorus of "Bless yous". Then we made our way across the Bay Bridge to San Fran, chuckling to ourselves about Lana as we went. Unfortunately, that would not be the last time she would be so demanding that weekend, but the last time it was so cute.

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Katie said...

Hey Kristi... I could have written the same story. Lucia has tantrums like that and wants DADDY to do everything. Rita will inevitably be in the back of the car saying, "Just take a deep breath, Lucia!" Sisters....
Love your blog as always... maybe in my spare time (??) I will start one too. :) Hugs from RI!