Monday, November 9, 2009

A True Girly Girl

Having a kid with a birthday close to Christmas makes it hard to figure out what presents to get her for both.  She doesn't get presents all year, and then all of a sudden I have to find something for two holidays.  Lana and Georgia have birthdays a safe distance from Christmas, so that by the time their birthdays rolls around, they need some new things.  Sonya, however, has her birthday and Christmas within 6 weeks of each other.  This is better than having her birthday the day BEFORE Christmas, like my poor friend BethAnnDoddKoehn, but still makes it difficult to buy for her.  Then there's the added problem of her not really needing anything.  She has so many toys already, and since she doesn't really appreciate money  yet, I'm at a loss when people ask me what to get her for one or the other.  

Last week my sister, Beth, told me she gave Zach the Toys R Us catalogue and told him to circle what he wanted for Christmas.  I thought this was a great idea, so when the Target toy catalogue showed up, I did the same thing.  I handed it over to Sonya and told her to circle what she wanted.  I did make it VERY clear that this did not mean she was getting everything she circled.  I simply needed some ideas to give to the family for her birthday and to Santa for Christmas.  

She took the catalogue and the pen and disappeared for about half an hour.  Then she came back to me wanting to show me what she circled.  The beginning of the catalogue was mostly toys for boys or girls.  There was a circle here or there.  She would say to me,

"I like this because it's Little Einsteins," or "this game looks like fun."

Then there were a few pages of boys toys where nothing was circled.  THEN we got to the girl pages and oh my!  I think every pink or princess thing on the page had a huge circle around it.  

"I want this because it's so pretty," she said to me.  "Oh and of COURSE I want THIS! It even has the new Princess from the Princess and the Frog movie," she remarked as she pointed to a pack of SEVEN princess dolls, all Barbie size.  Great, just what THIS house needs, MORE dolls.  Especially seven at once!  Bring 'em on!

She continued to point things out to me and say how pretty this was or how much she REALLY wanted that.  Then she got to a toy that was a doll who came with makeup.  She pointed to it and said, 

"This I really want too."  Well of course, it's another doll!  Then she stopped, looked up at me, put her hands up in the air and said,  "Really, anything that's pretty or has makeup, I like."  

Who would have guessed?  So anyone shopping for Sonya for her birthday or Christmas, just keep that in mind.  If it's pretty or has makeup, you're guaranteed she'll like it!  


Anonymous said...

I could have used this helpful info this weekend when shopping! But seriously, I can get you a deal on a Tiana (princess from the new movie) doll ifinyawant. Maybe we can steal away during our DL trip to do some shopping.

BethAnnKoehn said...

Thanks for the birthday pity and shout out. It's not so bad. Wait til Sonya's older and wants something really expensive...then she'll learn to use her birthdate to her advantage... "it can be my Christmas and Birthday present". I'll have to show her the ropes!

Kristi said...

Actually, Beth, she loves it right now. She keeps saying how lucky she is that she gets to get presents for her birthday then next month Christmas presents. She says she's the luckiest because she gets so many presents at once. So for now it's good. That's until she realizes in a few years that her sisters get presents twice a year and she really doesn't.