Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Sidekick

It appears Sonya may soon be taking over my duties as mom.  Or at least helping out with some of them.  Yesterday, she and Lana were playing in their room.  As far as I could tell, they were pretending she was the mom and Lana was the kid.  She kept telling Lana what to do, and lo and behold, Lana was listening and obeying to everything she said.  Not sure how she accomplished that, but somehow she did.  It was so cute listening to the two of them play like this and the best part- no fighting!  Then I heard something that I thought was just play, but ended up being real, and I was forced to intervene.  

At one point during their play, Lana said she had to poop.  Then about ten minutes later I hear Sonya saying something to the effect of, 

"Hey, I can change Lana's diapers now!"

I was in the kitchen cleaning, and at first thought I didn't hear right, so I asked her to repeat it and she said the same thing.  I thought for sure they were just playing pretend still, right?  Then I thought, what if they weren't.  All of a sudden I remembered Lana talking about pooping.  OH NO!

I ran into their room and sure enough, there was Lana laying on Sonya's bed in full diaper changing mode.  Sonya was wiping her with the wipee, and doing a pretty good job.  Luckily, Lana had a very small poop and I got there soon enough to avoid any grossness.  I told Sonya how good she was doing, then said I would finish and Lana yelled, 

"NOOOOO, I want sissy do it!"

Then Sonya pointed out, "Look I even got the rash cream!" And indeed she had.  She had gotten the wipees, the rash cream and a new diaper, and by all appearances had it under control.  Huh.  Does this mean I can go take a nap and she could feed them dinner and give them their bath too?  

I did help a little with putting the diaper on, because that can be tricky, but other than that, Sonya did most of the work.  Yup, I have my own little apprentice.  Next on the list, teaching her to clean the bathroom sinks and toilets!  See THIS is why I had more than one kid, so they can eventually take over ALL my chores! 

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