Friday, August 14, 2009

She Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

This weekend we are planning a family trip to the beach, as we do most weekends during the summer.  The difference this time is, some of the people Andy works with have decided to join us.  I have no idea what made them want to take on our beach craziness, but they are.  Sonya has a huge crush on one of the guys Andy works with.  His name is Matt, and every time we go to visit Andy at work she asks where he is and then gets shy when she sees him.  It's very cute.  He is one of the brave going to the beach with us tomorrow.  

A few days ago I was in the shower with the girls, and I told Sonya that some of the people from Daddy's work were coming to the beach with us this weekend.  She asked who, and I told her a couple names then I said, Matt. 

"Matt!!"  She said,  "he's my favorite!"

"I know," I told her, "aren't you excited?"

She admitted that she was.  Then I asked her a question that I just had to know the answer to. I was curious to see how old we are, as girls, before we start trying to attract the boys.  I mean at her age, it's not on purpose, but maybe it's just inherit in us as girls.  So I asked her which bathing suit she thought she'd like to wear.  Now, she has 3 bathing suits this summer.  Two one pieces, with Cinderella on one and Dora on the other, and a cute bikini.  Not a Victoria Secret bikini, just a little girly kind with a skirt bottom I got at Target, but a bikini, nonetheless.   When I posed the question to her she thought for about half a second and then announced, 

"I think I'll wear my bikini!"  And there it is, my friends.  We instinctively know at a very young age what to do.  You boys never even have a chance.  The best part is when I told Andy this story his reaction was, 

"What the ----?!?!"  You can fill in the last word. His fears about having girls are starting to come true already.  I have a feeling that as the girls get older he may try to decrease our trips to the beach.  Well, either that or insist that the girls go fully clothed...and in winter coats.  

P.S.  As I was writing this Sonya was sitting next to me drawing some pictures. She set one aside saying she was saving it to give to Matt this weekend.  I'm not making this up people.  


Tim Taylor said...

Kristi, you'd better tell Andy to get the shotgun now - He's likely to need it soon.......

Kristi said...

perhaps we'll purchase some overalls as well. :)