Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kindergarten Homework

Lana has homework every week.  Yes, even in Kindergarten they get homework.  It's nothing to difficult.  They practice writing words they've learned that week or tracing and writing their letters.  It's mostly just a review for them, but it doesn't keep Lana from whining about having to do it EVERY week.  Sonya always loved doing homework and even now doesn't mind it so much.  Lana is not that kid.  The next thirteen years are going to be a blast!  

A couple weeks ago, as part of her homework, her teacher suggested they create a small sentence with the word they practiced writing.  She encouraged the parents to allow the kids to sound out words and spell them the way they hear them, even if it isn't the correct spelling.  This is how they learn to read and write, and eventually spell correctly.  I always make Lana think of the sentence on her own, even though that is often met with groans from her.  In the end she will do it, but she's NOT happy about it.

One day she was working on writing the word "me".  She got to the part where she has to write a sentence. She moaned about it for a minute then said, 

"I know!  How about I write, "That is me."

"That is a great sentence, Lana," I told her.  So she proceeded to write what she heard.

A while later I took her homework to look over it and make sure everything looked okay.  Then I saw the sentence:

If you noticed I erased a word she originally wrote.  It said "Tha tit is me."  Later I had her add the 't' at the end of 'Tha' after I got rid of the word 'tit'.    I know Mrs. Lombardo wants us to let the kids sound things out and spell it themselves, but I guess I felt completely leaving the word 'tit' in my daughter's homework would not be the best parental move.  Yes, I laughed at this for a good five minutes and even though I erased most of it, I left just a enough behind to give her teacher a good chuckle as well.  This is the kind of thing that makes the groaning about the homework just a bit more bearable.  

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Hahaha... That's funny. Ah Innocence!