Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegas, Baby, Vegas

This past weekend I got some time away from being a mom, a housekeeper, a cook, a snot wiper, the whole thing.  My good friend Sooz is getting married this April and she decided to make Las Vegas the party place for her bachelorette.  It's what most people who live in Los Angeles do.  I hadn't been to Vegas, since my best friend Melissa's bachelorette almost four years ago.  I was eight months pregnant then.  Let me tell you how much fun Vegas is pregnant.  Almost none.  Since Andy has been working late and weekends the past couple weeks, making me somewhat of a single mom, I was more than ready to hop on that plane Friday night and start to party it up Vegas style.  This time with no babies in my belly or children by my side.  I planned to do some damage.

I prepped the girls for a week beforehand talking about my absence.  I haven't been away from them since I went to visit my sister in Virginia a year and a half ago.  Lana wasn't too keen on me being away, but I kept reminding her that I always come back.  I reminded her that she would also get to have a fun weekend with Daddy and wouldn't that be special?  Apparently not for her. However, by the end of the week she seemed fine with it.  I was feeling a little guilty because I was going to miss her preschool Valentine's Day party.  Plus I was going to be gone by the time she got home from school.  Our awesome babysitter, Julianna, was going to be there though.  The girls love her, so I knew she'd be fine.  The other two I got to say goodbye to before I left.  Still, it's hard to not have some guilt when you leave your kids behind whether you need it or not.  I kinda got over it once we landed in Sin City.

Between my busy schedule of drinking, sleeping, gambling, and eating WAY to much,  I would check in by phone a couple times a day to see how it was all going.  Every time I called they all seemed happy and not missing me to much.  This was good, because when I was gone last time and called, Lana or Georgia cried every time they heard me.  I guess they are older and more okay with me being away for a small amount of time.  Well, that and Daddy was feeding them every one of their favorite foods all weekend.  Almost all of them from a restaurant, but hey, at least he was feeding them.

There were times when Andy would text me to let me know what they were up to, or I would check in myself.  At one point, on Saturday afternoon, the party girls and I were walking around our hotel going from gambling to shopping to drinking.  We had just stopped to take a couple jello shots in the middle of the day, because you know, we could, when I realized I had a few texts from Andy.  My immediate thought was something was wrong.  (Remember-worst case scenario) Not a great thing right after you've just had a jello shot.  Fortunately, it wasn't anything serious, just a lack of judgement on Andy's part.  Here were the texts I received:

"We just watched Mr. Mom!"

 Followed by...

"I forgot there was a male strip club scene in it."

"And some infidelity..."

"There were questions..."

Did he not realize that he just handed me material to write about?

All I could do was laugh.   I was half tipsy anyway, so how could I not?  I remember seeing Mr. Mom when I wasn't much older than Sonya, and it's a pretty tame movie compared to what's out there now.  He told me later he fielded the questions okay.  I'm not sure if this is something that will come up again later, but for now it seems to be dropped.  They continued to have as much fun as I did over the weekend, but in a much, MUCH different way.  I came home completely exhausted last night, but happy to see the girls, who technically SHOULD have been in bed.   ANDY...

As for MY weekend in Vegas, well it's safe to say that it was one of the most fun weekends I've had.  I would give you more details, but you know what they say about Vegas.  So I guess all those details will have to stay there, since everything happened there.  Although, if you've ever heard of the Olympic Gardens you will have a better idea of the fun time we had.  

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Gypsie said...

Olympic Gardens was where my bachelorette party happened! And the Spearmint Rhino was where hubby's bachelor party was.