Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mastering a New Trait

Georgia is at an age where she doesn't always want to listen to me and can sometimes be difficult to deal with.  However, she's still got just enough of that toddler cuteness to her, that I can't always get mad at her.  Plus her being difficult is still angelic compared to what Lana, and even  Sonya, put me through at this age.  Every once in a while she will get a time out. Which is never compared to Lana's daily (sometimes thrice daily) time outs when she was three.  When she does go to time out, she cries the entire time.  Then when I go to get her, she immediately hugs me and says how sorry she is.  She does NOT like anyone being upset with her, or getting in trouble.  Then there is the latest thing she does, which I hate to admit, gets her immediately out of any trouble she may be brewing.

There are times when she will ask me for things she knows I'm going to say no to, like a treat or a TV show.  A lot of those times her sisters are making her ask.  I guess they think I'm more likely to say yes to her, which I'm really not.  When she asks me she will always give me this hopeful little look with her cute dimpled smile, and a sparkle in her eye.  You know the kind of look that says "look how cute I am!  Don't you want to give me what I want?"  When I've gotten this look from her in the past I always stop and smile at her, tell her how cute she is before declining her request for whatever it is she is asking for.  Although, I will admit I've given in to that look a time or two.   She also uses this look when she's about to get in trouble for something bad she did.  

About two weeks ago, she was doing one of those troublesome things.  I can't remember exactly what it was, but you know, something fun like writing on the floor, or taking all the shoes out of my closet, or maybe it was making the huge mess in Sonya's room.  Who knows?  Anyway, I gave her my mom, "you're going to be in trouble if you don't knock it off" look.  Then she came back at me with her little "look how cute I am with my inherited dimple from you" smile.  I immediately found myself trying not to smile back at her and she could tell I was softening.  Before I could tell her she was cute, but she was in trouble she looked at me and said,

"You cute mommy!"

REALLY??'s some more markers to write on the floor and my best shoes are out of reach, so let me just get those down for you.  

That remark took me right out of any anger I might have had at that point.  How could it not?  I only wish there was a way to take those moments, wrap them up and put them away.  That way I could pull it back out again when she starts to roll her eyes at me in a few years, and remember how damn cute she used to be when she did something wrong.

Since last week, she tells me how cute I am every time she gives me that look and I start to smile back at her.  It got her out of trouble for the first few times, but I'm on to her now.  I always thought Sonya had the corner on manipulation.  Turns out Georgia may be the master.  Or at least she's definitely figuring out how to master it.  


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