Friday, May 23, 2014

Car Convos With Georgia

I decided to take Georgia out to lunch today for one last time, just the two of us.  We only have three more days of Kindergarten left and then she will be full day school with her sisters next year.  My lunch buddy will be gone. I will be a mixture of depressed and giddy, as only a mother understands.

On the drive to the restaurant this afternoon, there were about five high school age boys crossing the street, right in the middle of the street.  The crosswalk was only about 100 feet up, but you know at 16 you can't be bothered by rules.  

So there they were walking amongst cars and there were the cars trying not to hit one of them, but really wanting to for their stupidity.  From the back seat Georgia observed the whole scene and said,

"Dos boys just ran acrosth the sthreet!"

"I know.  That's not very smart, huh?" I told her.

"I think it's very sthmart," she replied.

Wait-huh?  Did she not get this?

"Oh no, honey, it really isn't, because see they could get hit by one of these cars," I pointed out to her.

Then with all the annoyance she could muster she said, "Um hello! I know that! That wasth stharcastic mom!" 

Who replaced my sweet little kindergartner with a high schooler?  That was not cool.  NOT cool I say!

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