Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Number 7

Where were you seven years ago today?  Do you know?  Because I do.  I was at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles in Labor and Delivery giving birth to my second baby.  Today is Miss Lana's seventh birthday.

Yes, every year I marvel at how old my girls are now.  I know it gets old, but damn I just can't get over how FAST this is all going.  Everyone warned me, but when you are chained to your house waist deep in diapers you just don't believe those people.  It wasn't until the girls started school and leaving the house from time to time that I thought maybe there was something to what those people had told me.  Now I work hard to take a minute every once in a while to commit to memory where my girls are in their lives and enjoy the great little ladies they are becoming.  Even if they are a pain in the ass every day as well.  

Earlier today I was talking to the mom of one of Lana's friends in her class.  This is a recent friend for Lana, maybe since December.  We didn't really hear much about her before, but then she and Lana started playing at school and it was, "Sienna this and Sienna that."  So naturally we invited her to Lana's little party tomorrow.  Well, it's not really a party, because we don't do big ones anymore.  We are taking her and 3 of her friends mini golfing then having pizza and cake at home.  No biggie. 

 This mom called to tell me that unfortunately Sienna wasn't going to be able to make it and she felt bad about.  I understand though, we always have things going on all weekend too.  However, her mom really wanted Sienna to come to the party to hang out with Lana and her friends, because apparently she  had some trouble with other girls in the class earlier in the year.  Problems like these other girls leaving her out of playing when they felt like it, and something about a point system that can only be reminiscent of middle school mean girls.  REALLY?? We are doing this in FIRST grade?? 

I felt so bad because her little girl is so sweet.  Then I realized how extremely proud I was of Lana.  Sienna's mom had told her to find some other kids to play with when this all happened a few months ago.   Apparently she approached Lana who welcomed playing with her without incident, even though she already had a group of girls she payed with.

I guess I shouldn't be to surprised.  Lana has never been one to exclude others from playing.  Granted kids gravitate to certain other kids and form little playgroups at school.  This is something that is completely natural and  we also do as adults.  I certainly have some mom friends I'd rather go have a glass of wine with over others.  It just depends on personality.  However, if someone wants to play in her group, Lana has never been one to say no.  The more people the bigger party for her.  In a time where there seems to be so many bullies and "mean girls", I am so proud that my daughter is not falling into those categories and that she is accepting of everyone.  

In the seven years I have known my Lana, I have seen what a strong personality she has.  She is loving and loyal.  She is brave and not afraid to do something that might make her slightly uncomfortable like this:

That was her audition for the play she is doing at school.  She sang it in front of about 30 other kids from the school most of them older than she is.  She sang every word, and the musical interlude in the beginning and in between just kills me!  

On the other hand, she can also be brutally honest(wonder where she gets THAT from) and a bit temperamental(or that?).  However, she has grown into such a lovable little girl who doesn't let much bother her and is willing to accept anyone for who they are. This past year with her has most definitely been the best.  She's learned to deal with her temper and found ways to calm herself down.  That's not to say we don't still have issues here and there, but less than ever before.  As she's grown older, she's learned to deal with her temper and her anger better and has become more loving and kind.  Six for Lana has been a dream.  I  only hope seven will bring us even better times. But no matter what it brings I love this little girl with all of my heart and I am so grateful to have her in our lives. Sure there were some rough times with her in the past, but looking back it doesn't seems so bad anymore.  Funny how that happens.  Just like how "everyone" was right about how quickly this goes by.

Happy Birthday Lana Lu!  You are the second of the three extremely brilliant shining parts of my life. 

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