Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Am A Peace Builder

I recorded Georgia last week when she started reciting the "peace builder" mantra one night at dinner.  They have this whole "peace builder" thing at school.  I'm assuming it's a way to keep the bullying to a minimum.  My kids have all learned this and recited it since kindergarten, but Georgia remembers it flawlessly.  That child has an incredible memory.  After going to parent teacher conferences this week, I am even more proud of how great my girls are.  Their teachers had nothing but amazing things to say about them both academically and personality wise.  They are the type of kids who are peace builders at school and are helpful, kind, and friendly to everyone.  This however begs the question, what the HELL happens when they get  home??  All that peace builder crap goes right out the window when one of them takes the other one's American Girl doll,  and then I hear- she's breathing my air, and she touched my arm then tried to pinch me, while sticking her tongue out at me, and she said I was stupid!!  I think I'm going to start making them recite this every day at home too.

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