Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Reunion

I thought I should let you know that posting might be light for the next week, in case you come here looking for your daily fix and find nothing new. I like to try and write at least three times a week, but on Wednesday half my family will be in town, and some staying with us. So it's going to be ten times the crazy around here. More stories, I'm sure, but less time to write. Or less quiet. Probably both.

The reason for the pseudo family reunion is due to the recent passing of my paternal grandmother. Now before any of you become extremely sad or sorry for me, believe me when I tell you this was for the best. Grandma had Alzheimer's for the past ten years. She's been in a home for the last three, and hasn't really been with us for at least that amount of time. A few weeks ago she suffered a stroke and it was down hill from there. It was a blessing when she passed away last Saturday morning, for her and for my Grandfather who has been in limbo ever since he put her in the home three years ago. He was never really able to mourn her and move on since she was still here physically, but mentally it's been a long time. So when she passed away it was not a surprise and somewhat of a relief, I think for my Grandfather especially. Since my Grandparents lived near me, well my Grandpa still does, the memorial will be here this coming Saturday. This means my parents, my youngest sister, and her family are coming to visit. I bought six bottles of wine on Saturday.

I'm kidding! Sort of. I really did buy that much wine, but I'm actually very excited for them to come visit, and we like to drink wine when we get together. My parents try to come a few times a year, but I don't ever really get to see my sisters, especially now that we all have kids. I am sad that Beth won't be able to make it, because she has a belly full of baby ready to pop in about 4 weeks. Megan will be here with my nieces and her husband though. Since Vivian is still new to this life, I have yet to meet her. Lucy I've only met once when we all went to Florida last year. She and Georgia are just 5 day apart, so it should be quite a circus when everyone is here. Megan and her family are staying with us, but my parents are smart and staying in a hotel. Well also because my house is not big enough for everyone, but I'm thinking I may steal their hotel key one night and head over there myself. Then again, I do have my six bottles of wine to keep me sane.

So, while my Grandmother's passing is a bit sad, it's also happy because I get to see my family for a little while. Her death also made Sonya ask a few questions, which I had to field. This is the first time we've ever had to deal with any kind of death. Luckily, she didn't ask too much. She didn't really know my Grandma at all, because she was about three when she went into the home. Lana was just a baby and I don't think G ever met her. Sonya has faint memories of her though, because she did ask me once, a few months back, why Great Grandma never came to visit us with Great Grandpa anymore. I explained a little about the nursing home at the time. When I told her about everyone coming to visit this week, she was curious as to why they were all coming at the same time. I told her that Great Grandma died and went to heaven.

"What does that mean?"

"It means, Great Grandma died. She's not here with us anymore," I told her.

"And now she's in Heaven?" she asked.


She thought about this for a minute then said, "Poor Great Grandpa. He doesn't have a mom anymore."

HA! I'm sure Grandma would have loved that. "No, no Sonya," I said. "Great Grandma was Great Grandpa's wife, not his mom."

"Oh," she said. "Then where is his mom?"

Like I said, we haven't really had to deal with death at all. Just for the record, I'm not complaining about that.

Well, I do have a great story to share with you all when I get a moment, but for the next couple of days I have to prepare for everyone to get here. Then once they're here, who knows when I'll have a moments peace. It'll be a fun, crazy good time, with a tinge of sadness on Saturday when we reflect on the passing of Grandma. I really am looking forward to it. The hanging out with my family part, I mean. Why else would I buy six bottles of wine?


Megan said...

looking forward to the wine :)

Anonymous said...

You can have the hotel key as long as I can have the kids AND the 5 bottles of wine. I am willing to share 1 bottle. That leaves me 1 bottle per kid. That will do for the first day and then what? Never mind, I know where Costco is.